P2516: Fynn


Blocks 14/20g & 15/16g
Pharis 50%, Parkmead 50% & Licence Administrator
Block14/20g & 15/16g
EquityOrcadian 50%, Parkmead 50% (administrator)
Licence awarded2020
Licence statusPhase A, initial term
2C contingent resources29 mmbbls
Oil gravity ˚API10.6˚
Porosity31% (Fynn, Beauly)
Orcadian was awarded the P2516 licence in 2020 in the 32nd licensing round. The licence is currently in phase A of the initial term and contains the Fynn – Beauly and Fynn – Andrew discoveries. Texaco discovered the Fynn fields in 1978 when they drilled well 14/20-9.

Fynn – Beauly is a very large viscous oil discovery, updip from the Lowlander oil field. The entire discovery extends across a number of blocks and is estimated to contain oil in place of between 602 and 1343 million barrels. Blocks 14/20g & 15/16g contain a section of the discovery to the south, with oil in place of between 77 and 202 million barrels.

The second discovery, Fynn – Andrew, is wholly contained on the blocks and holds 50 million barrels of oil in place on a P50 basis. There is also an oil prospect in the Piper Formation on the licence. Orcadian management estimate that the net 2C technical contingent resource on these discoveries totals about 29 mmbbls.

P2516: Timeline
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27 Nov 1978 – 3 Feb 1979

Texaco drill 14/20- 9 and find oil at Fynn

Texaco drilled 14/20-9 using the Sedneth 701, they saw oil legs in the Eocene and Palaeocene on the electric logs but couldn’t recover any samples of oil.

Image credit: Mario Schembri

7 Sep 2020

Orcadian and Parkmead awarded blocks in the Outer Moray Firth

In partnership with Parkmead, Orcadian Energy is awarded a licence over the Fynn discoveries. This licence lies in the Outer Moray Firth midway between the Piper and Claymore fields.