Maximising oil recovery from the UKCS

by applying proven polymer injection techniques right from the start


Orcadian, named for the beautiful Orkney Islands

Orcadian was previously known as Pharis Energy


Minimising carbon dioxide emissions

through innovative process & electrical engineering coupled with renewable power generation

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Investor update – April 24

Microgrid Electrification Concept
May 2022
Competent Person's Report 2021
April 2021
Annual Report 2022-23
December 2023
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Polymer flooding
P2244: Pilot & Harbour
P2482: Elke & Narwhal

What we do

Orcadian’s strategy is to secure discovered resources at low cost and to transform those resources into reserves and onto production

The Pilot field is our key asset. The field is well appraised and ready for development, Orcadian farmed down its interest in the Pilot licence to Ping Petroleum UK plc and retains an 18.75% interest in the project, carried to the first offload of production from the field. The development concept is based upon a polymer flood with  a dedicated FPSO, and a renewable energy supply. The next step is to finalise the field development plan (FDP) and submit that for approval to the NSTA and OPRED.

The company has enjoyed success in the 33rd round and awaits the formal issue of two licences.

IntroductionHistoryNet Zero Basin

At a glance

79 mmbbls

Proven plus probable reserves
Pilot is well appraised and development ready. Orcadian has submitted a Concept Select Report to the NSTA based upon a polymer flood, the NSTA issued a Letter of No Objection in November 2021 and Orcadian submitted a draft FDP in June 2022. In March 2024 Orcadian farmed out an 81.25% interest in P2244 to Ping Petroleum UK plc. Orcadian retains an 18.75% interest in the licence carried to the first offload of production from the field.

53 mmbbls

2C contingent resources
The Elke & Narwhal discoveries can be developed using two wellhead platforms tied back to the Pilot FPSO. There are also significant appraisal opportunities on the Elke discovery with contingent resource upside of over 22 mmbbls and prospective resource potential of 61 mmbbls.

How polymer flooding works

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Polymer primer

The addition of a small amount of polymer to the injection water increases the water viscosity. The viscosified water can then sweep the oil with a stable flood front which accelerates production and increases recovery.

In our process design all produced water will be reinjected, thereby avoiding the possibility of releasing any polymer into the sea, but the polymer we add to our injection water is commonly used as a flocculant in water and wastewater treatment, and as a soil conditioner, so is not considered terribly damaging to the environment.

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Experiment on 2,000 cP oil: oil saturation maps during core floods

Orcadian is a company founded by engineers and geologists focussed on applying their ingenuity to creating, and delivering on, oilfield development schemes that deliver remarkable results.

Steve Brown, CEO