Environmental Management Policy

Environmental Management Policy

It is the policy of Orcadian Energy plc (“Orcadian”) to conduct its business in a socially responsible and ethical manner that promotes the preservation of the natural environment.

Recognising that the exploration and production activities of Orcadian interact with the environment in several ways the Company shall:

  • Comply with all applicable laws, regulations and standards relevant to the management of risks to the environment arising from the activities undertaken by Orcadian;
  • Integrate an environmentally sensitive culture into all relevant aspects of Orcadian’s business, which commands at least equal importance when balanced against production and commercial considerations;
  • Conduct environmental risk assessment, where necessary, to identify and characterise any present or future risks to the environment arising from Orcadian’s activities, to prioritise such risks and commit resources to establish cost effective controls before the development of actual or perceived compliance issues;
  • Develop and implement appropriate measures to reduce energy consumption, where practicable, increase the efficiency with which energy is being used, and minimise environmental impact, waste and cost associated with energy use;
  • Develop and implement appropriate measures to manage the generation and disposal of waste in order to minimise, so far as is reasonably practicable, the impact of Orcadian’s activities on the environment;
  • Encourage measures to establish and maintain an appropriate level of environmental awareness in all personnel associated with Orcadian’s activities (employees and contractors), ensuring that employees and contractors:-
    • are fully informed about Orcadian’s environmental management processes and that there is open communication on all relevant issues;
    • receive appropriate and regularly up-dated training programmes;
    • are encouraged to initiate and maintain an open discussion within Orcadian management regarding environmental matters.
  • Communicate openly with Government, the community and industry on environmental issues, and contribute to the development of policies, legislation and regulations that might influence Orcadian’s activities;
  • Design, construct, maintain and operate all facilities under Orcadian’s control by the provision of defined systems of work, in a manner which ensures, so far as is reasonably practicable, adequate safeguards for the natural environment;
  • Establish and maintain suitable controls on the use of ozone depleting substances so as to prevent or minimise quantities of those substances escaping into the atmosphere;
  • Develop and implement appropriate and relevant response systems to minimise detrimental impact to the environment should an accident or incident occur;
  • Establish and maintain controls, including regular reviews and audits, to confirm that this Policy is being fully implemented, maintained and improved, as necessary, to ensure, so far as reasonably practical, the preservation of the natural environment.

Ultimate responsibility for the effective management of environmental issues throughout Orcadian’s operations rests with the CEO and the Board. However, every employee must recognise his or her responsibility within Orcadian’s overall environmental management policy, and assist in establishing Orcadian’s overall aim of operating in an environmentally responsible manner.

This policy shall be implemented by line management through the development and implementation of Standards and Procedures that assign specific responsibilities for the execution of relevant management and control activities to safeguard and preserve the natural environment.

Orcadian – Environmental Policy