P2482: Elke & Narwhal


Blocks 28/2a & 28/3a
Orcadian Energy (CNS) Ltd, 100% and Licence Administrator
Block28/2a & 28/3a
Equity100% (administrator)
Licence awarded2019
Licence statusPhase A, initial term
Contingent resources53 mmbbls (2C)
Unrisked prospective resources119 mmbbls (2U)
Oil gravity ˚API12˚-15˚
Reservoir oil viscosityc. 300 cP
Permeability3 darcies
The Elke and Narwhal fields would be developed in tandem using a pair of wellhead platforms tied back to the Pilot FPSO. Together they would recover 53 mmbbls of  2C contingent resources (development on hold).  The NPV10 of this combined development is $458 million at $60/bbl.

Orcadian was awarded the P2482 licence in 2019 in the 31st licensing round. The licence is currently in phase A of the initial term and contains the Elke and Narwhal Fields. The Narwhal field was discovered by well 28/2-1, which was drilled by Arco in 1993, and Elke was discovered by well 28/3-1B, drilled by Murphy in 2000.

The Narwhal discovery well encountered viscous oil in an Eocene Tay sandstone and a sample of 14° API oil was recovered. This interval was also logged and cored. The Narwhal field has an estimated oil in place of around 26 mmbbls and a technical contingent resource of 9 mmbbls.

The Elke field is also a Tay sandstone reservoir but of a slightly different age to that encountered in the Narwhal well. The API gravity of the oil samples ranges from 12° to 15° and the reservoir oil viscosity is most likely to lie towards the lower end of a range from 300 to 800 cP. The Elke field has an oil in place of 130 mmbbls with significant appraisal upside, the technical contingent resource amounts to 45.5 mmbbls.  Successful appraisal of an updip 3C area would increase this technical resource by 22 mmbbls.

There are a number of low risk Tay sand prospects within the licence area with an estimated prospective recoverable resource of about 61 mmbbls with geological chances of success which range from 64% to 87%; as well as a Jurassic and a Palaeocene prospect which together have another 59 mmbbls of prospective recoverable resource, though these are riskier prospects with 18-19% geological chance of success.

P2482: Timeline
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5 Nov 1993 – 3 Dec 1993

Arco discovered Narwhal

Arco drilled the 28/2-1 well using the Sedco 711. The well discovered the Narwhal field which lies to the South of Pilot.

Image credit: Tor Erlend Gjærde

6 Nov 2000 – 7 Dec 2000

Murphy discovers Elke

Murphy and partners CIECO, OMV and PanCanadian mobilse the Transocean John Shaw to drill the Elke discovery well.

Image credit: maltashipphotos.com

1 Jan 2003 – 1 Jul 2004

Petrofac buy Elke

Petrofac negotiate a deal to acquire a 100% interest in the Elke discovery. This negotiation was led by Steve Brown, who at the time was Petrofac’s head of business development, and Richard Hall, who had drilled the discovery well with Murphy.

24 Jul 2007 – 3 Aug 2007

Venture drill the 28/2a-2 Narwhal appraisal well

Double disappointment for Venture as they move the Noble Ton Van Langeveld south to drill the only well on our blocks not to find oil. The well was not drilled with the benefit of a 3D seismic survey and while it found a good sand package there was no oil.

Image credit: Rolf Bridde

1 Jan 2010 – 1 Apr 2010

EnQuest is listed

EnQuest, which was formed through the merger of Petrofac and Lundin Petroleum’s UK North Sea assets, was listed on the London Stock Exchange. Petrofac’s assets included the Elke discovery.

11 Dec 2015 – 31 Dec 2017

Orcadian agree to purchase Elke & Narwhal from EnQuest

Orcadian signed a deal to acquire Elke & Narwhal from EnQuest, but the transaction didn’t close as it required Orcadian to fund a well for the OGA to approve the assignment and it was too early in our development to prioritise an appraisal well on Elke.

5 Jun 2019

Elke licence P2482 awarded to Orcadian Energy (CNS)

Orcadian Energy is awarded a licence over the Elke and Narwhal discoveries. This licence substantially boosts the discovered oil in place on Orcadian’s licences.

15 June 2022

Orcadian Energy licences seismic from TGS

Orcadian Energy licensed over 2,000 sq km of seismic over the Western Platform from TGS under an innovative royalty based commercial arrangement