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Capital structure

Last updated 5 October 2023

Capital Structure Number of SharesPercentage
Issued share capital75,428,983100%
Shares in issue but not in public hands40,874,64354.2%
Free float34,554,34045.8%
Directors and Significant shareholders Number of SharesPercentage
Stephen Brown and his wife, Julia Cane-Honeysett29,164,68338.7%
RAB Capital Holdings Ltd and connected parties7,745,00010.3%
Greg Harding6,271,6808.3%
Alan Hume3,544,9604.7%
Joe Darby420,0000.6%

The shares owned by Stephen Brown and his wife Julia Cane-Honeysett are held via Ferlim Nominees Limited, and the shares held by Alan Hume are held via W B Nominees Limited.